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Generic drugs are smarter alternative to expensive brands. It is bio-equivalent formula of any branded drug. Today, approx 8 out of every 10 prescriptions within US are for generic drugs. The demand for generics is increasing and is expected to grow higher in the coming years. The prices of generic drugs are lower, people consuming generic medicines experience similar effectiveness as that of brands. FDA approved generic drugs are the safest to consume; the medicines meet the similar manufacturing standards followed while producing an innovator drug, However, the color, shape, taste and packaging of generics is different from the innovator product.

A generic drug produced should mandatorily meet the quality and performance of its brand counterpart. When a generic formula is brought up, it has to be as per the rigorous standards established with respect to the quality, identity, strength, purity and potency of the branded products. In short, a generic drug should be bioequivalent to its brand counterpart.When it comes to the price of generic drugs, there is a big difference in the rates of two. The cost of generic medicines is approx. 85 percent lower compared to its brands.

As far as the effectiveness of these medications is concerned, they are nothing different than the brands. It works in the similar manner as the innovators do. Not every brand has its generic replica. Every drug is protected with a patent for 20 years. Once, the patent of the innovator expires, generic drugs companies are free to produce their bioequivalent compositions. To get premium quality generics at economical prices.