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Fortune Health care Ltd is widely integrated pharmaceutical unit delivering innovative medical solutions. From discovery to development; we have it all. Our manufacturing standards are globally competitive. Our vertically integrated operations include the process from conception to commercialization. With the efforts made by our expertise team of scientists, we have successfully launched huge varieties of affordable drugs which became popularly accessible across the globe.

Our manufacturing standards are very high and we never compromise on any aspect that is hazardous to the environment. Our pharmaceutical premises are surrounded with heavy plantation; we believe in preserving natural resources maintaining global health.

Our manufacturing programs are designed systematically from start to end. The manufacturing process includes various stages; right from API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) inspection to formulating the end product; we detail in every minute aspect that is associated with the end product.

Fortune Health Care is committed to manufacture and supply bulk drugs. The pharmaceutical formulations are developed with due respect to environment, health and safety associated with our operations and personnel.

We use these quality natural resources efficiently; by constant monitoring and preventing hazardous actions minimizing its impacts on the environment. We ensure healthy and environment safety practices by incorporating well-designed and safe storage, reduced gas and fluid emission, safe disposal of effluent materials etc. Our manufacturing standards are technically compliant and the state-of-the-art operations procedure enables us to bring out the best end product.

With constant implementations of environmental improvements, we make it a point to conserve natural resources by promoting tree plantation and water recycling. These efforts prove fruitful in maintaining healthy environment which is fresh and pollution free. Through smart acquisition and time-honored management, Fortune Health Care has maintained its success rate consistency.